Why YOU Should Read Individual Rights and Government Wrongs!


Review by Rob Abiera

Whether you are an activist, voter, businessperson, property owner, sportsman, scientist, student, charity organizer, parent – in short, if you are a living human being – you will find Brian Phillips’ Individual Rights and Government Wrongs to be a powerfully useful tool in the cause of standing up for your rights.

As I was reading the book, I was amazed to see just how radically it expanded my knowledge of the application of the principle of individual rights. It was Brian’s method of illustrating those applications that made this possible. Click here to read more.

Well Worth Reading


Review by Joe Meuth

Brian Phillips offers a broad survey of so many ways in which government violates individual rights, but he doesn’t stop at simply pointing out they myriad ways in which citizens are wronged by government. He also offers practical (and moral) solutions for the problems he identifies. The solutions offered are drawn from both the lessons of history and a vision for how a fully free society should operate. Click here to read more.